Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow good?

Or, as chickens think: 's no good.

About 5 inches of sleet and snow came down overnight, and when the chickens woke up this morning they couldn't believe how much the world sucked. We've all had mornings like that, so it stirred in me a rush of fellow-feeling. Poor horrified chickens. I tell you from experience: it will get better. It's ok. Maybe next time don't drink so much. ...wait, what was I talking about?

On normal mornings, these chickens have flown into my head in their rush to get outside. This morning, they were all, "shut the door!"

These dudes: "I said shut it!"

This little white roosty boy was the only one walking around in the snow. He is one of the three patience-testing Stupid Babies ("stupid babies!!"), so I suppose this is in character.
"Ugh, how did I get out here? Why is the world cold, and wet, and sticking to my feet? Where are my Stupid Baby friends? Ugh. This is awful. Ugh."


Resweater said...

Thank you for making my morning! That was hilarious!

janet said...

Love your humor ;-) I'm a follower!