Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do chickens work?

Answer: A chicken is a food tube. Everyone knows that: 1. Food goes into the chicken. 2. Food comes out of the chicken. 3. The chicken itself is also food. It seems almost magic! Some of this Green Technology money should probably be spent studying chickens.

Yet, this answer is also puzzling. Are chickens the solution to the problem of a Perpetual Motion machine, which has tantalized scientists and thinkers for centuries? Also, how exactly do chickens make these eggs--do they need roosters? How can you tell which eggs are going to hatch into chicks, and which eggs are for eating? Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs? Do the chickens have personalities? Why are there different types of chickens? And those chickens that lay green eggs: am I making them up?

With the exception of the first and last ones, these are the most common questions people ask me when, after a lifetime on the planet, they suddenly begin to consider chickens. (The last question they just wonder privately, giving me a suspicious look.) As a public service and for my own amusement, I will answer these questions. AND I will deliver additional information so surprising you would never had thought to ask. Here's a taste: Chicken babies? They love to stand on their moms.
They love it!

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