Sunday, March 02, 2003

{Note from the future--check out the date! 2003! Did we even HAVE "blogs" back then?}
You CAN Take It With You

Hopefully, this will be the last bathtub-related entry for a while.

Check it out: acting on a suggestion by dog trainer Sarah Wilson, I have created a little bathtub in every room for my dog's enjoyment.

Apparently when Sarah has to re-train a dog to enjoy being in a crate, she likes to use hard plastic airline crates. These crates come in 2 clamshell-like pieces, which fit on top of each other to form a crate. If you use just the bottom half of the crate, though, it looks suspiciously like a bathtub with a little cutout entryway. It's easy to lure the dog in there and teach it to like being in there. So I disassembled my airline crate, and put the bottom half in the living room and the top half (upside down, so it resembles the bottom half) in the kitchen. And the little guy took to them like a dog to a bathtub.

What a day for him! His own little bathtubs, with blankets in, all over the house. I should get one of those for me.