Saturday, December 26, 2009

A magical Christmas (no chickens involved)

What makes Christmas magical? Is it snow? Is it getting a Kong Wooba shaped like a fox? Well... those things are okay... but the most magical part of Christmas is receiving* and carefully consuming bags of Hanukkah gelt, without the use of opposable thumbs, right there on your in-laws' carpet.

Oh: this is all if you are a dog.

Molson was pleased to have the chance to apply his egg-eating skills to interfaith holiday chocolate. His procedure of cracking and discarding the inedible shell, while carefully and thoroughly consuming the delectable interior, works equally well with gelt as with eggs. Click the picture to get a good close look at how clean he got those wrappers. Way to diversify, yet maintain high standards of quality.

*Don't worry if someone else technically "received" it in their stocking. If you are left alone in a room with it, now you have received it.

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Anonymous said...

MOLSON IS TRULY DIABOLICAL AND IN HIS OWN WAY FUNNY,TOO. I'm sorry for you though that he is so bad!