Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Joke for a Southern accent

{Note: Joke involves meringue, and must be told while wearing a ring, using a Southern accent, in the presence of lemon meringue pie. Ready? Go:}
Q: How is this pie like mah hand?
A: It's got meringue on it! {display your ring.}

Today's goal was "meringue." I have never made meringue before, but apparently it's mostly just egg whites (which I possess in abundance), and sugar (which is delicious). It requires some fancy accoutrements, though: it is supposed to be piped from a piping bag, plus it is supposed to be baked on parchment paper. Both of which items are so exotically domestic that meringues seem to come straight from a filmstrip about a 1950's housewife. (The phrase "stiff peaks" is also involved with meringues, which phrase reminds me of bras of that era.)

Lost in my own little cinematic time warp, I preheated the oven and set out my ingredients. But suddenly my oven went nuts. "BEEEEP," it went, in an unfamiliar way. "BEEEEP...BEEEEP...BEEEEP" I turned around to find out what it wanted. "-F4-" said its digital display. I started pushing buttons at random.
When I hit the "Oven Cancel" button, the beeping subsided and the digital display reverted to clock mode. "Hmmm," I thought. Experimentally, I hit the "Bake" button again, and the beeping and F4'ing started all over again. I hastily canceled the oven once more.

We have cracked the code to ovenspeak: "-F4-" means "NO MERINGUES FOR YOU!"

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Ivy said...

Ma rhang on it, bwahaha!

I believe I got the same error message from a digital camera once. Perhaps there was some grit in the lens of your oven?