Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yarrr, matey!

There is a lot of cultural interest in pirates these days, what with news about the real-life Somali pirates, and also the dashing Pirates of the Caribbean (fake pirates who enjoy commensurately more public sympathy).

And the swashbuckling young Orpingtons want in on some of that pirate-themed action! Now, not to toot my own pirate horn, but the Orpingtons are very lucky to have me here. I currently have a bum leg--hopefully it will not come to a peg leg--AND I can do a very respectable pirate voice. I even have a pirate name generated for me by a website many years ago. With a chicken riding around on my shoulder, all I need is a machete and a boat...soon chicken and I will be the terror of the high seas!

Or, since I do not particularly like to go on boats, maybe we will ride on a horse, and be the terror of the high...fields.

In the meantime, watch for my new line of children's books about horseback chicken pirates. 10% of the profits will go to buying overripe plums, which--the young chickens discovered today--are extremely amazing and delicious. A good way for a young pirate chicken to fend off scurvy.
It's a pirate's life for us!

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