Thursday, July 09, 2009

No, THIS is how we snuggle.

Last year, I spent a lot of time patiently explaining to the crop of little chicks, "Nooo, chicken, we're snuggling." By and large, those chicks remained unconvinced.

This time around, I have been spending more hang-out time with the chicks, bringing them treats, watching them run around, and just generally chilling. The Orpingtons are the friendliest of the bunch, and they like to climb into my lap, where they are content to be held and stroked and snuggled a little. When they really want to settle in, though, they clamber along my arm to my elbow, and wriggle their heads insistently between my arm and my body. They'll fall asleep like this, or go for a ride as I walk around.
Often a second Orpington will also have a snuggly feeling, and it will want to snuggle in the crook of the SAME arm. Not the OTHER arm, no no no! No, the second Orpo will get right in there with the first one, wedging its way in, smooshing the other chicken, often stepping on it. Both chickens seem happy with the setup, even though it looks uncomfortable. If I try to separate them so they each have an elbow to themselves, my help is not appreciated.

They say, "Noooo, lady, we're snuggling!" and go back to how they were.

Well. I stand corrected.

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