Friday, April 17, 2009

Chicken Seven, you are cleared for takeoff

It's not actually a chicken runway. In fact it's the opposite: it's a people walkway, and it solves a horrible problem. See how the chicken house is built kind of on the side of a hill? Imagine that hill is covered with ice. For a few months. That's how it was this winter! Each day I thought would be the day that I took an unintentional luge to the bottom. (It's not very far, but still.)

Our incredible handyman saved these pavers from a patio he was replacing, chipped off the concrete from the bottom, and re-set them here. Take that, icy hill! Handyman 1, Recycling 1, Hill 0!

Just inside the gate, before the unilock part starts, is a really attractive section of stonework he put in. There is a rectangular stone in the middle, surrounded by concentric rectangles (if such a thing were possible) of different color bricks. I tried to get a nice picture but an inconsiderate chicken had recently pooped in the middle of the center stone. Oh well.

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