Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celery bag pinata

Bringing scraps to the chickens is awesome. They get really excited and make hilarious happy noises. I thought I'd try to capture a picture of that excitement.

It turns out it's hard to photograph a group of excited chickens. But I did get this funny shot of the red hen. She is super-focused, waiting for the right instant to BREAK INTO THE BAG AND EAT ALL THE CELERYS AND APPLE CORES-- AND YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE, LOSERS!!!!!On the one hand she is very sweet and friendly, and on the other hand she is the most goal- oriented chicken in the photo. Hiieeee-yaaaah, suckas!


Heather Cherry, Celery Bouncer said...

That's disgusting. Celery is the devil's vegetable.

Valerie's Ex-Battery Chicken Diary said...

Hello Kate,
I like your blog and the pics of your girls.When I take scraps up to my girls, kelly is the first to peck at the bag she is a Rhode Island Red. Mind you she pecks at everything lol.
I have a website all about my girls and at the moment I am doing a page on 'funny chicken photos' and I was wondering if you would include your picture of the celery bag? You can see my pages at
thank you valerie.