Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Truuuuue colors

We number-banded a bunch of the little Reds a couple weeks ago. Now they are all running around with blue leg bands and white numbers and we can tell them apart. Every Red who I thought was friendly before was probably Hen 18. Hen 18 just can't get enough of seeing what I am doing.

Here Hen 18 has jumped onto my arm for a different angle on the apple core. (She has settled in, too, so we can't see her blue "18" band, sorry.) The buttery-colored lady on my foot looks like an Orpington--she fools me a lot--but she is an Ameraucana. See her green legs? She will lay pastel colored eggs; I can't wait to see whether they are green or blue.

Also, speaking of different colored legs, you may notice in that picture that my left knee has a bandage on it. That's where I had surgery, and I make sure and wrap it up before I hobble carefully out to the chickens. Because even though they didn't SAY at the hospital not to let chickens get their poopy feet all around your incisions, I want to avoid Chicken-Poop Blood Disease. Also, this kid that Amy drew all around the stitches on my crazily swollen knee is like, "c'mon, chickens, c'mon...just try and walk on my face." He looks like he's ready to give a chicken a black eye.
So I cover him up.

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